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The Commerce Regulatory Compliance Unit (CRC) is responsible for conducting employment and training reviews to ensure that Local Area administrative policies, practices, standards, and systems are functioning and operating within the parameters established by federal and state legislation, regulations, and policy directives.  Additionally, CRC administers WIA Equal Opportunity guidelines, arranges and coordinates OMB Circular A-133 independent financial audits,  and serves as monitor advocate for the Migrant Seasonal Farmworker program.

It is our desire that this site will serve as a "One-Stop" resource for obtaining information related to regulatory parameters associated with the inherent accountability in administering public funds.

Specific CRC functions include:


CRC monitors review internal controls used to safeguard federal/state funds, protect program assets, and identify/evaluate risks potentially compromising achievement of local employment/training program goals and objectives.


CRC monitors evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of locally implemented internal controls designed to meet stated goals and objectives.   Control recommendations include, but are not limited to:

  • Control environment modifications
  • Additional risk assessment categories
  • Necessary control activities implementation
  • Operational process improvements
  • Communication system alterations
  • Monitoring methodology improvements
  • Fraud detection techniques


A comprehensive national performance audit conducted by the United States Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that state-reported performance outcome accuracy could not be assured.  Consequently USDOL mandated a data validation initiative to address these concerns and ensure the accuracy of reported data.   CRC is charged with furthering this initiative through data validation reviews involving comparisons between the local area management information system data and physical participant files.  CRC monitors review participant files to check for data entry errors and ensure that information is factual, accurate, and complete.


CRC monitors are well versed in local area employment/training goals and objectives and accordingly examine one-stop system processes to assess operational effectiveness and efficiency, note operational deficiencies, and recommend appropriate corrective action when necessary to further state and local objectives.


CRC monitors seek to enforce program adherence to federal and state policies, rules, and regulations sufficient to provide a reasonable level of assurance that WIA program goals and objectives are being accomplished.  CRC's monitoring efforts are aimed to prevent programmatic and administrative regulatory noncompliance, promote corrective action when necessary, and deter possible sanctions and/or fund rescission .